Need to File for Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy? Attorney Holly Schumpert can help.

Have you put off talking to an experienced Tennessee bankruptcy and debt relief lawyer, even though you know you need help? It is common to procrastinate when it comes to seeking help with financial problems.

You believe that things will turn around, or that, with enough diligence, you can dig your way out on your own. Unfortunately, this oftentimes leads to an endless cycle of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul or an endless cycle of payday loans that never get paid off, payday after payday and interest payment after interest payment.

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When you have a legal issue, get your advice from a lawyer with experience

Holly Schumpert is an attorney located in Memphis, TN and can help individuals who need relief help with debt. Regardless of the cause of your financial distress, you have options that should be explored by an experienced attorney. The first step to understanding your options and getting a fresh start is to call and schedule a free consultation.

Unemployment or fewer hours at work, divorce, illnesses, accidents and other common life situations can put honest people in what seems like an impossible financial situation that is no fault of their own. If your situation has buried you in debt and unpaid bills, there is hope for a fresh start.

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